Congratulations to our first Mrs Heal the World 4 Us                                                                                Lisa Mary Narramore from

                                                                 George W Cape.




               Lisa Mary Narramore

                                                     George  W Cape.

Mrs Heal The World 4 Us, Lisa Mary Narramore, is an English teacher, writer, artist, musician, humanitarian and above all, a mother. Her greatest loves are the children on this planet and our natural environment. 

From an early childhood spent in the wilds, Lisa has always had a great affinity with nature and an innate sense of responsibility to be an earth guardian. Her travels have always been of the off-the-beaten-track type and exposed her to a lot of human suffering. 

Widowed at age 36, her compassion for the weak has grown to a burning desire to facilitate new beginnings. An avid supporter of various NGOs for poverty, education and conservation, Lisa is thrilled to now be a part of Heal The World 4 Us - a young organisation closer to home and with such great vision for change.

                                                                    PROUDLY SPONSORED BY 

                 Renault Bryanston



The start of the 4000 km Rhino Challenge on top of Table mountain. 6.6.2013 

                               Logging my 4000 Km, with the Little Logbook.






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