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 Hi my name is Enzo van Vuuren.  A 49 year old male, and a CNN iREPORTER. Head of Media at Heal the World Projects in George W-Cape. I  have departed from the Woodlands Dis-Chem Pharmacy store in Pretoria on the 1 of September 2011 on a 6000 KM trip through South Africa on a mountain bike.

I am bringing a message of real hope.  Follow me on Facebook Enzo van Vuuren

My cycle challenge turn in to a  amazing  live altering  experience when GOD  called me to heal many using me as a instrument to do great miracles. GOD gave me a 50 kg of salt to heal people mixing it with olive oil and good  GOD blessed water.   GOD has given me the gift to do bigger things on the earth than ever before. Should you know of any sick person please contact me?

I will also raise awareness on healthy WATER the choice is not always clear. I want to visit all  NEDBANK branches on my route.

All ready visited  127 Nedbanks.

I will raise funds for the GREEN FINGERS for JESUS project. GREEN FINGERS for JESUS is a educational and Job creation project in Agriculture and water purification for our YOUTH.

Sponsors needed.  SARS  certificate is available for tax deduction  ADASA 


                              Sponsors and Partners


  Due to lack of funding please see Abraham Enzo van Vuuren on Facebook for         updates.



       5  August 2012     Orkney 

 Cycling in and around Orkney and visiting friends. 

Not cold but windy. 



                     PLEASE SEE MY MEDIA LINK

  14 July 2012     Bloemfontein.



  13 July 2012     Bloemfontein.


         Thanks to City Lodge Bloemfontein

                          Helping my friends in Bloem to beat the cold.                                                                                                    Selling A R5 Coin For  R50. 

                             PLEASE SEE MY MEDIA LINK

         12 July 2012     Bloemfontein.

Working on website and Visited the Vryfees and handing out our fliers.

Thank you Protea Hotel Bloemfontein for our accommodation.



                         PLEASE SEE MY MEDIA LINK

  11 July 2012     Bloemfontein.



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