I grew up  in the northern suburbs of Pretoria.  As from a young age I was motivated to become successful. Soon my parents discovered my talent and although I came from a strong musical background I started to perform live in theatres and musical shows all over South Africa, since the age of  9. My passion for speaking and writing develop soon thereafter. 

I was often privileged to speak as a public speaker and won several rewards.

People often tend to say that I attract people with my outgoing personality.


As a child my dream to become a  Physician was shattered as a  result of a pedestrian accident.  I  have suffered from various injuries as a result of the accident, which included fracture of my spine. My  future was dark and I had to overview alternatives as to my career planning. Although I was saved by the Grace of the God, I  managed  to become a woman of strength. As a result thereof,  I soon realised that I can only reach for my dream,  if  I  am dedicated and committed in all I do. I was appointed in a international company in finances  where I  was employed for years after my marriage.


I become the proud mother of two beautiful daughters now 17 and 20 respectively.  When my youngest was born she had congenital heart disease . This was then that I  was yet again re-routed  in my career. My daughters condition deteriorates to such extend that I had to work privately and God changed my direction … to render a service to medical professions of which my dream as a young girl become reality. Although I never had the opportunity to become a doctor, I  started my own practise as Financial Consultant specializing in medical and other Health Related Professions.  My practise grew by the years and I reached my goals where job satisfaction and rendering service excellence, were part of my service to both the client and there patients.


Through the years my love and caring personality , also my  involvement  in community and charity,  were part of a dream come true. I  reached towards  underprivileged  communities and committed myself to charity.  Most of the times I was just a shoulder to lean on, a woman who listened and headed forward to make dreams come  true, being part of setting and  providing building blocks for the people who couldn’t speak for themselves.


The intense way of showing gratitude, even if it was a sad smile,  but thankful, from the heart, meant such a lot to me. Helping them, allowing them to step forward, to listen, to be a helping hand , to give them a sense of humanity... a love and passion that made me a instrument . I had walked by Faith since I was a young girl with shattered dreams, I asked nothing in return. I’m part of  being a woman of strength now,  because I know  “its not about me. It’s all about my Heavenly Father giving and allowing me to be a Instrument of His choice”


As the years passed by  I looked back just to notice I was never ever alone. I outlived all. From poor to  famous, from heaven to hell and back, being part of abuse, part of  the serious illnesses of  both my daughters. I stood up in a crowd and I can say

“Been there, done that”

I will never ever loose focus on God’s plan for my life. As He made me, He transformed me , and He directed met to be whom  I am today.


And who I am is a Role Model not only for Mrs Tshwane, but a Role Model with experience.  I never regret the past .. I see it as a 3D plan for my life. A plan with a Vision a Mission and the Reality.

And I never wanted it to be any  different. As you cant speak if there’s no action. “Action speak louder than words they say”… For me I listen to Gods voice before I  take any action.


I know I cant change the world , but Im able to transform people to become something,  notwithstanding their race, colour or culture. Im the example of  a ordinary woman…who failed  and stood up to live and let live through Christ., to become extra-ordinary woman. A achiever a proud woman of strength .  And I never wanted any more than that!

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