My name is Abraham Enzo van Vuuren, founder of Heal The World 4 Us. I am cycling 6000 km on my mountain bike to create jobs for the youth, as you have seen in the local newspapers. We want to start a bicycle delivery service in Worcester and towns along the Green Route 62. Francois Esterhuizen of Manic Cycles is helping us to finance these bicycles; however, we need your help with the balance and would be most grateful if you could assist with any contribution. Should you help, the equivalent of the amount you sponsor will be kept with Go Green Bicycle Couriers as credit for future deliveries you might need, such as documents or small parcels. For this initial phase, which will service the whole Green Route, we need ten bikes. The price of each fat wheel bike is R 6000, of which R 1500 will be sponsored by Manic Cycles. The balance will be displayed on our website for transparency. We will train and manage the operators of the delivery bikes and insure the bikes for security purposes.  Manic Cycles have kindly agreed to do all servicing and maintenance. 

Sponsors of the first delivery Fat Bike.

Name                               Amount                   Contact Nr                                           Manic Cycles                   R1500                    023 347 1985


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