Arbor Week                              

     Yearly  from 1 to 7 September schools, organisations and businesses 
participate in community "greening" events to improve the health and beauty of the local environment and develop a green future for South Africa.

Events are held around the country highlighting the benefits of planting and conserving trees to offset carbon emissions and for greening to improve the quality of life and uplift the environment, and 


       Project Eden is a joint venture with Graham Abbott  and Enzo van Vuuren Heal the World 4 Us.

        Tunnels  for veggies in Barrydale and Smutsville 

                       Our Eco incubator projects  

Our hot box comes in diffident sizes.  

                                         See how it grows  

We have decided to help the people of Smutsville to grow more veggies  and sell it to the local restaurants and guesthouses in Barrydale.


 Another Veggie Tunnel Going up in Barrydale in Andre's garden.

Here we show how quick it is to put up a Veggie Tunnel in a Garden , It took us just over an      hour and it will keep the frost and heavy rain    and  harsh sun and wind off ,as soon as the   plants come up we can put sides on to keep        the bugs    off the veggies so we have totally Organic Veggie for the community. 

                                            Thanks to our sponsors.                                                              

   Reliance Compost                               Graham Abbott.                                    

   The aim of Project Eden is to teach Children to grow food. Our Eco

    incubators is helping kids to do that. We are manufacturing them in

    George as a job creations plan for our youth.  




At Andres house he is going to help putting up more tunnels in Smutsville.


                          The large herb hot box for the hole family


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