It is based on 5 pillars:

1. Water security/efficiency

2. Food security

3. Sustainability

4. Energy security/efficiency

5. Recycling/Repurposing/Re-use

Products tested through the Qala Tala initiative:

 1. Solar products

.2. Pneumatic products

3. Wind energy products

4. Irrigation products/methods

5. Cultivation products/methods

6. Recycling products/methods

7. Construction methods

8. Energy efficient appliances

9. Sanitation options

Today is a milestone day for QPT- Start Living Green. The University of the Free State, received a grant funding contract, based on our activities, to build a climate resilient arts and craft center at Lebone Village (a safe haven for vulnerable children) AND we received our first donation in our bank account! Thanks for supporting our green cause. We appreciate every single 'like' on our Facebook page. Together we can move forward towards a sustainable future

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                                                Qala Tala means to start green.


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