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Hi my name is Enzo van Vuuren.  A 49 year old male, and a CNN iREPORTER. Head of Media at Heal the World Projects in George W-Cape. I  have departed from the Woodlands Dis-Chem Pharmacy store in Pretoria on the 1 of September 2011 on a 6000 KM trip through South Africa on a mountain bike.

I am bringing a message of real hope.  Follow me on Facebook Enzo van Vuuren

My cycle challenge turn in to a  amazing  live altering  experience when GOD  called me to heal many using me as a instrument to do great miracles. GOD gave me a 50 kg of salt to heal people mixing it with olive oil and good  GOD blessed water.   GOD has given me the gift to do bigger things on the earth than ever before. Should you know of any sick person please contact me?

I will also raise awareness on healthy WATER the choice is not always clear. I want to visit all NEDBANK branches on my 6000 Km  Cycle challenge.

All ready visited 55 Nedbanks.

I will raise funds for the GREEN FINGERS for JESUS green project in Magaliesburg. GREEN FINGERS for JESUS is a educational and Job creation project in Agriculture and water purification for our YOUTH.                                           Sponsors needed.  SARS  certificate is available for tax deduction. 

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                    VISITED  55 NEDBANKS

        My Mountain bike

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The KANGOO  back up vehicle is   sponsord by Renault  Bryanston. 

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      Day 7      June 2012 . Kimberley


     Day 7      June 2012 . Warrenton


    Day 7      June 2012 . Christiana


   Day 7      May 2012 . Bloemhof

  Day 70      May 2012 . Wolmaranstad

  Day 70      May 2012 . Orkney


  Day 69      May 2012 . Orkney


  Day 68      May 2012 . NAMPO


  Day 67     May 2012 . Orkney



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 Day 66      May 2012 . Orkney


 Day 65    Saturday  6 May 2012 . Klerksdorp


                                                    Dis-Chem 29 


 Day 65   Friday  4 May 2012 . Stillfontein


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 Day 64  Thursday   3 May 2012 . Stillfontein



 Day 64  Wednesday 2 May 2012 Potchefstoom.




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 Day 63  Tuesday  1 May 2012 . Potchefstoom.

Enzo visited the car show and cycled through Town.


Day 62  Sunday  29 April 2012 . Potchefstoom.

Enzo cycled to the Mooi River Mall to visit

Dis-Chem 28.

                                 Dis-Chem 28  Potchefstroom



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Day 62  Thursday  26 April 2012 . Buffelsvlei.

Enzo had a early cycle in the game park. A first for Enzo to go hunting on mountain bike. After the hunting a Nice breakfast it was of to Potchefstroom.                                                             

Thank you Chris and Bettie for a lovely stay. 

                                         Thanks to Bedstop  for a lovely stay.



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Day 61  Wednesday  25 April 2012 . Buffelsvlei.

With wind from behind it was still  a very hard 39 km to Buffelsvlei most of it was done off-road  very narrow road and dangerous. 


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Day 60  Tuesday 24 April 2012 . Carletonville.

 Driver of back up vehicle was  provided by Gladiator security.  We arrived in nice cool weather in Carletonville.



Day 59  Monday 22 April 2012 . Westonaria.

Spend the weekend at the Donaldson Dam. A shocking TDS over 500 was taken from the dam. We where delayed by welcome rain. Backup Kangoo went to Carletonville.





Day 58  Wednesday 18 April 2012 . Randfontein.

Straight road to Westonaria.



                          Hamilton Gastehuis






Day 57 Saturday   14 April 2012 .   Krugersdorp

Enzo was ready and after 4 months of delays he cycled from Krugersdorp to Randfontein.  







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Day 56 Thursday   5 April 2012 .

Enzo is collecting the Kangoo today at Renault Braynston. Thank you to Sandra and Danielle from Renualt South Africa and Chris Jordan and his team.



                                                             RENAULT TO THE RESCUE

After Enzo had to postpone his Challenge dew to no back up vehicle.

Reanault Braynston Sponsored a Kangoo as a back up and support vehicle for his challenge. 


  Day 55 Sunday  8 January 2012 Krugersdorp.

Well Enzo is back. It is time to burn sum fat after the holidays . The cycle trip started with a expo at the Key West Mall in Krugersdorp.Enzo is Now joined by Cheryl Weber as a supporting cyclist. She is also raising awareness on drug addiction. The team is joined by Steve Nielsen to help with securing sponsors.


 To promote peddle power we left the Key West Mall on peddle powered go carts on our first stage to Randfontein 

    Enzo , Cheryl , Steve   and       Petrus our driver

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 Day 54   Friday 30 December 2011.

 Nice cool weather Enzo cycled in to Krugersdorp.

Enzo is wishing all sponsors  and supporters a happy new year.

May 2012 bring blessings, happiness, insight, tranquality, prosperity and most of all love and appreciation.

                                    Dis-Chem 27 President Hyper



 Day 53    Wednesday 28 December 2011.

After a rest and Christmas behind us Enzo cycled up hill to West Gate.   

                      Dis-Chem 26  Clear Water Mall                      


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