This book is a warning to the whole world about the state of chaos that is fast coming on the world due to increasing crises escalating on a world wide scale with no way to stop it. Things are at breaking point but it is not going to get better, it is going to get worse. This not a doom prophet account in negativity but is a greatly true oracle from God in the heavens that is helping man on earth to realise their responsibilities of keeping reckoning with the times in the now and near future.

Everyone is expecting some answer to come forth as to how things can get better on earth to everyone’s benefit on a beautiful earth, with so much potential for the best to come forth from the human beings alive on it, for the best for mankind, but that keeps on delivering bad things through the very humanity that should be helping one another to achieve this.

The evil, wicked, abominable and dastardly works of man with their fatal flaw built into them ensures that this is not possible except to a limited degree. There is an answer but it is not what man thinks it is. It not easily apparent and it is not easily worked out or brought about. The answer is a complete change of heart, which will bring about a complete change of mind as well. But it has to start with somebody and then it has to spread out across the earth.

Unfortunately there are only two candidates to bring about this change of heart amongst men of all creeds, nations, lands and continents. The one that is the most likely to do this is the coming world ruler The Antichrist, because of the inherent built in flaw in mankind, that appeals to them to have such a character be in control, charge and command and to lead them and guide them in making a new world order that would hopefully help everyone.

Again unfortunately such a man will only bring in a so called peace based on his best attributes but underrun by his worst attributes hidden within his own breast, that will eventually turn into a farce of terrible import, content and intent, just as all of the infamous striving world leaders of the past, in various countries, even from ancient times up till the present, could and can only produce at best, a very poor excuse of what the peoples of the world and the earth really needs.

There have been some outstanding men of renown that have indeed brought about noble changes on the earth, not to mention any one in particular. These have been men that were true in all major respects and did their best to influence the world for change. To mention one man, Abraham Lincoln, who did his level best to improve the lot of his fellow men and to hand over a heritage that helped  produce the mightiest nation on earth at the present time, The United States of America.

Such men are rare indeed but there have been such men as well. This is to the credit of these wonderful men of valour and courage and integrity. They were or are indeed blessed men on the earth.  But not one of them so far have ended up as being the sole ruler over all the people of the earth, because not all people of all lands, countries and continents are under their own personal control.

The other contender is The Lord Jesus Christ who will eventually return to earth from Heaven to restore the order when The Antichrist world ruler will have messed things up terribly on earth because of his fatal flaw in his bosom. But first he will appear on the clouds of Heaven according to the word of God in the Christian bible. This appears to be a story, a fallacy, a myth and an highly improbable impossibility to millions of people of the world and the earth.

But all his true follower have this witness within their breasts, that this is a real and true event that will most assuredly take place on this earth, because of what God The Lord of heaven and earth foretold through his word that has already been fulfilled and corroborated by archaeological findings and recorded history as well as their own personal belief, faith and conviction.  He alone is worthy to be the world ruler because he paid the debt that no one in all humanity could pay and that was to give himself up as a ransom for all men to be saved, redeemed and delivered on earth and in heaven as well. He was, is and will be the Son of God; the son of man by his own declaration. This earth is destined to be destroyed according to his word reserved in store for the last days by fire.

The world was warned by God in the days of Noah, to repent and to get rid of their fatal flaw which they ignored and were caught by surprise when God eventually did what he said he would. That same word is now reserved by God for the earth to eventually be destroyed by fire when He decides enough is enough.

This book expounds The Father, Son and Holy Spirits intent, and portent in the content of the revelation given by Christ through his Spirit, who is totally, wholly, completely, fully, entirely unlike the coming Antichrist because he will have no flaw in him, being the Son God but also the son of man, whose regenerated nature through his obedience to His Father in heaven has been perfected forever.

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1.            To let the world know that God loves the world.

2.            To let the world know that he doesn’t condemn them.

3.            To let the people of the world know that they need God.

4.            To let the whole world know that Jesus Christ is Lord.

5.            To let all the people of the earth know that there is a God that cares.

6.            To let everyone know that they need to repent of their sins.

7.            To let them know why they need to let them repent of their sins.

8.            To let them know that God’s love is available to all.

9.            To let them know that God is not partial.

10.          To let them know who God is.

11.          To let them know who is God.

12.          To let the world know that without God’s saviour they are lost.

13.          To let the world know and understand that blood alone can atone for their sins.

14.          To let them know why this is so.

15.          To let the world know of the true ways of the Lord.

16.          To let the world know that their lives on earth are only temporal.

17.          To allow them to gain eternal life.

18.          To allow them to know how to gain eternal life.

19.          To allow them to realize that not their efforts, ways or beliefs can give them eternal life.

20.          To let them know that no efforts on their part can save them.

21.          To help them to understand God’s ways, will, plan and purpose for mankind.

22.          To allow them the opportunity to come to the only true one that can save them eternally.

23.          To let them know that they cannot save themselves.

24.          To let them know that God can save their souls.

25.          To lead them in the way of God’s salvation.

26.          To get them to come to Him alone.

27.          To let them know that God’s son is the only way to become saved.

28.          To let them know what God expects of them.

29.          To tell them that false doctrines cannot save them.

30.          To let them know that they need to be converted to Christianity.

31.          To let them know why.

32.          To turn their hearts to the one true God and His son Jesus Christ.


Is to let the people of the earth know how and why they need to come to the only one that can save, redeem and deliver them and their body, soul and spirit from eternal loss, in order for them to have eternal gain.

And to warn them that their savior will return to gather them up into the clouds of heaven sooner that they think if they are expecting him and waiting for him if they are ready to go with him by preparing themselves with his help. And to allow them the opportunity to turn away from their sin and to keep them from being seduced by the lie of Lucifer, the Devil and Satan and from going to total error, total lies and total falseness.


Is to proclaim to the world that Christ is coming back to receive unto Himself His own.

To prepare His bride elect and His bridal party elect to get themselves ready to meet Him in the air on His return.

To warn the people of the world that refuse His merciful, loving and gracious offer of eternal escape to repent or else to meet the nemeses of doom eternally the false Christ, the Antichrist. 

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