Rumours are buzzing about a new event in town. A very different event – one which will have visitors swarming in August to the hive of activities in Swellendam, Suurbraak, Barrydale, Buffeljags, and all the surrounding areas and attractions. During the dates 8 - 13 August 2013, a National Beekeepers Conference is taking place in Swellendam, and with this in mind the Tourism Organisation has chosen 'Bee' as the thread which holds all the events together. So the idea of The BIG BEE has been born.

 Key to the planning of the event is that the Swellendam Tourism Organisation is dedicating itself to “bringing the feet” into town, so will be marketing and publicising the event from Cape Town to George. The Beekeepers will be here, and bringing their families, but there will be many, many more people wanting to be entertained, fed, treated and given the opportunity to explore. The BIG BEE will be the event that everybody will be talking about!

The STO has the full support of Wesgro, (the Organisation in Cape Town responsible for promoting Western Cape Tourism) for the BIG BEE; also of Metrorail who are keen to provide transport to and from the festival from Cape Town and to help with transport in and around the area during the festival! The Canola Committee is right behind it and are supporting and helping the STO wherever they can, as well as arranging some events.  

  All residents, businesses, individuals, communities, churches, charities and schools are invited to get a Bee in their Bonnet and think about how they might like to be involved. 

There will be no closed off areas – and your venue, your event will be on the programme as long as you tell the STO about it! Contact Chabad in Barrydale.  So start thinking of what you can bring to the party, to make sure those extra feet are coming to you. (Bringing extra income always welcome in the winter).         Or – if you don’t have a business, start thinking about your Bee Costume for the Bee Parade!  Join in the fun – get out your Canola ribbons and decorations and add some Bees!

Barrydale is planning an event called Women’s Way on Women’s Day- 9 AUG 2013 to honour the women, Khoi, Xhosa, Boer, English, German, and French, who added their spirit to the accomplishment of the Tradouw Pass district from its origin until today.

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